A bunch of trucks are driving down the highway

Tips to Choosing the Right Trucking Dispatcher for Your Freight

By Independent Freight Services LLC | 16 November 2021

The trucking industry is a very fast-paced sector and needs a very dynamic workforce.

Best Practices for Successful Freight Management

By Independent Freight Services LLC | 26 October 2021

What makes a trucking company successful?

3 Stress Relieving Tips for Truck Drivers

By Independent Freight Services LLC | 19 October 2021

Managing, maintaining, and driving a freight truck can be a daunting and challenging task. Not to mention, a truck driver has a massive responsibility to safely transport valuable goods.

How to Fix the Driver Retention Problems

By Independent Freight Services LLC | 15 October 2021

Because truck drivers are Federally mandated and must comply with Federal laws – Drivers should have Federal benefits and protections, like law enforcement. Enact a Federal Law that deters Nationwide rioting on Federal Interstates by making the punishment at least six months in jail and a felony. Enact a Federal Law that mandates all States…

3 Truckload Trailer Types You Should Know

By Independent Freight Services LLC | 12 October 2021

If you’ve just started a trucking company, you must be aware of the challenges that come with choosing the right types of trailers.

A white truck driving down the road near some mountains.

What is the Unified Carrier Registration?

By Independent Freight Services LLC | 30 September 2021

Driving a truck isn’t the same as driving a car. Driving, operating, or owning a truck requires you to adhere to a wide range of regulatory requirements.

A red truck is parked in the dark.

Independent Freight LLC

By Independent Freight Services LLC | 27 September 2021

Independent Freight LLC Raton, New Mexico offers nationwide, unmatched freight shipping, truck dispatching and regulatory compliance services.

Shortage of Drivers or Shortage of Appreciation for Drivers? Why Your Supply Chain is in Trouble.

By Independent Freight Services LLC | 1 September 2021

Within the trucking industry is a rumor that has been slapping truck drivers in the face for decades. The rumor is,  there is a shortage of drivers. CDL qualified drivers, not only sacrifice the time with their families, but put themselves at risk everyday, 24/7 to keep America moving. Everything we own, consume and need…

Thanking American Truckers

By Independent Freight Services LLC | 30 August 2021

Independent Freight LLC in New Mexico wants to thank our American Truckers for keeping our Nation moving forward!