Let’s talk about some of the basic yet highly significant needs of a trucking business:

  • A trucking business or a driver has to find the desired loads and match it with industry regulations before loading and transporting
  • You have to manage extensive paperwork while negotiating with factories, brokers, and shipping companies
  • Acquiring payments is a significant day-to-day task
  • They need efficient cash collection and management and factor clients and build credit

And the list goes on.

Handling and managing freights require experience as well as time. Given the increasing industry regulations and compliance issues, your best bet is to hire a professional truck dispatching company for Oklahoma.

Qualified and Trustworthy Truck Dispatching and Management Company for Oklahoma

Whether you’re a newbie in the trucking industry or a seasoned truck driver, we can help you upscale profits and reduce freight management costs. Our professional truck dispatching services for Kansas is highly efficient for locating and securing loads, negotiating rates, and staying in line with the trucking industry regulations.

Independent Freight LLC has also simplified the entire process of acquiring professional freight management and truck dispatching services for businesses in Oklahoma. Our expansive team of truck dispatchers is available on 24/7 basis. They not only take care of paying loads and broker onboarding, but also offer expert transportation consultation to drivers.

Robust and Foolproof Shipping Quotes and Logistics Compliance Services for Oklahoma

Our dispatching services, professional negotiations, UCR filing, recordkeeping, and load tracking services can take your trucking business one step closer to success.

At Independent Freight LLC, you can also avail assistance regarding 2290 filing, permit filing, circular development, IFTA and weight distance quarter filing, and more. This can simplify regulatory compliance and prevent you from facing hefty penalties and financial constraints.

Ensure Highest Industry Standards with Professional Freight Management Logistics Company for Oklahoma

Under the leadership of our charismatic founder, Caelen Helsel, Independent Freight, LLC, strives to assist independent contractors. Our services are at par with the industry standards aren’t just limited to established trucking businesses. If you’re looking for quality dispatching services for Oklahoma, get in touch with us today!

Our qualified freight management team will use the cutting-edge Load Pilot TMS to make your freight and truck dispatching operations as seamless as possible. What’s more, you can also entrust us for pre-trip planning, administrative operations, and broker credit checks.

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