Transportation Industry Consulting


Transportation Industry Consulting

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t just strained global freight delivery systems and logistics; it has emphasized how important they are and how vulnerable to some degree. Before the COVID-19 hit, companies were developing new strategies to cope with regulatory demands, sustainability concerns, disruptive competitors, fluctuating fuel prices, labor shortages, and whatnot. The coronavirus pandemic increased the urgency around these issues, ushering in a new normal that’s yet to normalize.

The experience of Independent Freight, LLC in this highly fragmented transportation industry is deep and broad: our transportation industry consulting providers work with companies in a variety of sectors to improve all facets of operations while finding opportunities for superior performance and growth.

Our transport consultation group comprises sector experts who represent a diverse industry and client base, offering in-depth expertise. At Independent Freight, LLC, our consultants have a comprehensive and unique bank of industry knowledge based on experience across every area of logistics and transportation. With our industry-agnostic capabilities, we can optimize your business and service your needs.

Optimize your operations

What’s the main focus of a trucking company? Its drivers and customers.

Our main focus is on small trucking companies and helping them find the right balance to accomplish their goals. As the leading provider of transportation industry consulting, our consultants are exclusively dedicated to the trucking industry. At Independent Freight, LLC, we’re very familiar with the complications of operating a transportation company and the day-to-day process of running a trucking business in today’s technology-focused environment.

We understand that communication is paramount – and the open and consistent dialogue we maintain with our clients helps us determine concerns and develop solutions for every part of a trucking company’s business to come up with meaningful recommendations.

At Independent Freight, LLC, our consultants are well-informed on emerging industry trends and topics and use this information to suggest innovative solutions that serve the clients’ needs in the best way possible.

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Our service offerings focus on helping trucking companies drive down operating costs, gain efficiencies, and enhance margins using proprietary processes that determine useful data to develop actionable solutions.

We understand and are aware of the fundamentals of profitability for a trucking company. By analyzing a combination of financial and operational data in certain key areas, we offer tailored solutions that address the specific challenges of every trucking company.

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