Trucking Company Management


Trucking Company Management

There’s more to managing freight than just simply matching shipments to carriers.

Today’s supply chain is demanding, variable, and more complex. With service compliance, capacity fluctuations, multiple carriers, as well as high delivery expectations – all areas where big disruptions can take place – freight management is more crucial than ever.

Independent Freight, LLC provides control and visibility over your network, helping you get the most from carriers as we create the most efficient routes to move products.

As a full-service freight management company, Independent Freight LLC, focuses on and affects the whole freight management process, including procurement, tactical planning, and accounting functionality.

Today, Independent Freight, LLC’s freight management logistics services encompass virtually every phase of freight management as we continue to offer superior service to small trucking companies.

Drive visibility with Independent Freight, LLC’s freight management services

If you’re a small trucking company and looking to create a supply chain that’s geared for optimal efficiency and growth, you’ll need decision-making, collaboration, analysis, and information-sharing capabilities. This is exactly what Independent Freight, LLC offers.

By communicating with suppliers and dissecting information, we can model different outcomes, thereby helping you prepare for future growth by improving your supply chain performance today.

Capitalize on opportunities with Independent Freight’s full-service freight management

Small trucking companies choose to partner with Independent Freight, LLC to take on their freight management needs. We develop tailored freight management solutions in harmony with your business goals and supply chain strategy while managing your transportation network for you, enabling you to streamline your network.

Independent Freight, LLC also offers value-added services like managing inventory and material flows to unlock value across the supply chain. Remember, the scope of such partners is limited just by your requirements. We can take advantage of an outsourcing relationship to reach deep into your company’s supply chain and determine efficiencies that might previously be out of reach. As your truck dispatcher and management partner, we’ll help you improve freight network reliability, control costs, and offer top-notch visibility across your network.

We offer flexible options to solve your freight management challenges

Independent Freight, LLC can secure carrying capacity for shippers in a variety of industries. We ensure every shipment is delivered in full and on time. As a leading freight management logistics company, we negotiate single and/or multi-lane contracts that go well with your budgetary and performance targets.

Get in touch with us today for more information; we are dedicated to keeping your truck or fleet rolling!