How to Fix the Driver Retention Problems

Because truck drivers are Federally mandated and must comply with Federal laws – Drivers should have Federal benefits and protections, like law enforcement.

  • Enact a Federal Law that deters Nationwide rioting on Federal Interstates by making the punishment at least six months in jail and a felony.
  • Enact a Federal Law that mandates all States to refund any unused IRP fees.
  • Repeal the truck driver overtime exemption for company drivers and re-establish company drivers’ per-diem tax breaks.
  • Enact a Federal Law that eliminates the wage gap between men and women truck drivers as well as, prevents discrimination, dehumanization, harassment, and assault of any truck driver no matter what their sex, religion, race, color, national origin, political affiliation, age, disability, or marital status.
  • Enact a Federal Law that mandates shippers and receivers to pay all carriers small or large, detention of at least 75.00 per hour after the first two hours from entering their property and until the truck leaves the lot.
  • Cap all Freight Brokers commission to no more than 15% of the amount paid by the customer, like Real Estate Brokers.
  • The California AB5 Law should pass Nationwide thus preventing mega carriers from exploiting Federal truck drivers.
  • Hiring more women within the trucking industry will increase safety and close the wage gap.
  • Omit the 70-hour workweek within the HOS Regulations.
  • Build more 10 hours overnight rest areas Nationwide, while allowing food trucks.
  • Omit the 2290 and UCR fees.
  • Consider allowing CDL drivers that have passed background checks, and have TWIC Cards the benefit of concealed carry license on a Federal level so that, the driver can protect themselves, and the freight -Nationwide.

By: Independent Freight LLC

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